A comprehensive set of business solutions that support building digital workflows, smart and lean business management and catching up with the trends of the century

Anti Covid Suite

Supporting businesses to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic with a set of modern software solutions


Modern technology creates future values
Improve work efficiency
The ecosystem allows you to minimize paperwork processing time, standardize departmental and individual workflows, and visually monitor your work to promptly correct, innovate and improve performance.
Comprehensive management solution
Improve the overall management efficiency of administrators through a single reporting system. Control the progress and evaluate the effectiveness of all projects and departments; manage, exchange and assign jobs remotely easily.
Digitize all areas of business
Digital transformation is the technological revolution that today's businesses need to aim for. eBS brings your business closer to that revolution than ever before!

eBS . Ecosystem

The most comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem for businesses. Easily build, deploy and connect business departments and divisions to complete the most innovative, productive and modern workflow!

What benefits do businesses get?

What benefits do businesses get?

Managing Your Business On A Single Platform!

Control project progress and monitor work effectively
Save time and effort with process automation
Absolute security with internal data storage
Connect, share, drive and collaborate perfectly for your business
Evaluate the situation of each employee in the most objective way through the 360 . evaluation system

Smart technology application in performance management

Manage MBO, KPI, BSC goals, control the strategic goal system of the business easily
Intuitive, comprehensive, easy monitoring for leaders to monitor and direct in time
Control and measure the KPI system in your business with just one screen
100% CLOUD technology. Businesses can access their data anytime, anywhere, from any internet-enabled device without the need for a team to administer software, IT infrastructure

Free digital transformation project for 1,000,000 Vietnamese businesses

Free trial of eBS Workspace features. Collaboration and teamwork has never been easier with a suite of work management tools and software monitoring and evaluation, internal communication and communication via chat and social networking applications exclusively for people. enterprise

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Leading businesses and growth businesses have chosen Base to work more efficiently

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Leading businesses and growth businesses have chosen Base to work more efficiently